The Granja Escuela is delighted to share our Farmer’s Market, a monthly event that takes place on the last Sunday of each month from 11:00-14:00. This market is a meeting point for visitors, consumers and producers, where local commerce is promoted and supported. Among the products that you can find are: vegetables, fruits, bread, olive oil, goat’s cheese, honey and kombucha,…

We also have Foodtrucks, so you can enjoy breakfast and lunch at the Granja Escuela, in a natural and familial environment. It is possible to visit the animals on the day of the Market. Come and enjoy the day!

You can also immerse yourself in the best atmosphere and the natural beauty that surrounds us while you have a drink or eat from the stands at the Farmer’s Market.

You also have the option to bring your own food and use our outdoor picnic areas for free! Relaxing and enjoying an outdoor meal in a peaceful and lovely setting.

We invite you to join our Farmer’s Market and live a unique experience, you can also access the farm during the whole day with a guided tour for 10€/person. Discover new flavours, meet local producers and support the economy of the region while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere and the beauty of nature.



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