Discover your passion and learn new skills in our exciting workshops for adults! Immerse yourself in the art of fermentation, learning ancient techniques to transform foods and enhance unique flavors in the fermentation workshop. Awaken your palate and learn how to brew your own homemade kombucha, a delicious probiotic drink, in our kombucha workshop.

Connect with nature and discover the power of holistic grazing, a practice that promotes land regeneration and animal welfare, in our holistic grazing workshop. And if you are passionate about the world of bees and honey, dive into our introduction to beekeeping workshop and discover the fascinating world of bees and their importance to our ecosystem.

In addition to the workshops mentioned above, there is also an exciting ornithology area on the farm. In this area, participants will have the opportunity to watch birds and capture professional photographs in the watering hole. To guarantee a natural and undisturbed experience, a specially designed hide has been built where participants can observe every moment discreetly. This area offers the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the birds and capture unique moments in breathtaking photographs.

Let yourself be enveloped by unique experiences that will fill you with knowledge and fun!



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